Mary Arden’s House — Tudor farm
прекрасный деревянный дом на ферме в Уилмкоуте (Wilmcote), в 3 милях от СтратфорданаЭйвоне, принадлежавший, по мнению Джона Джордана, семье матери Шекспира. В 1930 г. он был приобретенфондом «Дом Шекспира« и открыт для посетителей.
Арден, Мэри (Arden, Mary, ум. 1608) — мать Шекспира, младшая дочь Роберта Ардена из Уилмкоута (место неподалеку от СтратфорданаЭйвоне). Вышла замуж за отца Шекспира Джона около 1557 г.
The front gate at Mary Arden's Farm, Stratford-upon-Avon | Flickr - Photo Sharing!: Mary Arden's House is where William Shakespeare's  mother lived  - Elizabethan half timbered house located in the village of Wilmcote, about three miles from Stratford-upon-Avon.:
Mary Arden's House in Wilmecote is a living history museum where they run the farm as if it where still Elizabethan times.:
Mary Arden’s House, Wilmcote, Warwickshire: music-making
Mary Arden, and the uncertain glory of an April day:
This is the kitchen in the house of Mary Arden who was the mother of William Shakespeare.:
Inside Mary Arden's house (she was Shakespare's mother) - this is a working Tudor farm:
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William and Mary table square:
Clock inside Mary Arden’s House
Beamed Bedroom, Mary Arden's Farm:
Inside Mary Arden's House, Wilmcote:  Mary Arden's Farm, also known as Mary Arden's House, is the farmhouse owned by Mary Shakespeare, the mother of Elizabethan playwright William Shakespeare. Located in the village of Wilmcote, about three miles from Stratford-upon-Avon, the house has been maintained in good condition because it had been a working farmhouse over the centuries. It was bought by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust in 1930 and refurnished in the Tudor style:
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