Fore-edge Painting.

“Живопись на краях страниц у книги была традиционным английским книжным искусством в течение многих столетий и продолжена сегодня только несколькими художниками. Края книги позолочены или оформлены “под мрамор”, из-за чего рисунка не видно, когда книга закрыта. Но стоить ее раскрыть и слегка раздвинуть странички, как появляется целая картина”.

In the world of art, anything and everything can be your canvas. Recently, the University of Iowa discovered a four-volume set of books from 1837. These books contain ‘fore-edge paintings’ – works of art that can only be revealed when you fan the pages part-way open. Fore-edge paintings go as far back as the 10th […]:
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Fore-edge Paintings by Clare Brooksbank The book is by Leipzig, Robert Crayen, (c. 1830):   The Holy Bible; Bound in blue velvet, embroidered with coloured silks, silver and silver-gilt wire; fore-edge painting of royal arms; Created: John Field for John Ogilby (Cambridge printer); Creation Date: 1660; Acquirer:   King George V, King of the United Kingdom (1865-1936):
Fore-edge painting: 'Letters of Lady Rachel Russell', 1801, by J. Mawman:
Fore-edge painting on the edge of a book:
A History of New York Irving, Washington. New edition. London, John Murray, Albemarle Street, 1821.:
Fore-Edge Paintings: The Secret Works of Art Hidden Inside Book Pages:
Fore-edge Painting:  Frost . . . (Painting on the edges of book pages):
Fore-Edge Painting by Clare Brooksbank / A fore-edge painting is a little known type of book decoration, that was popular in Victorian Britain. Fore-edge paintings are done in watercolour on the pages edges (the fore-edge) of a book. The page block of a book is fanned, clamped, & an image applied to the stepped surface of the page edges. The page edges are themselves gilded resulting in the painted fore-edge disappearing when the book is closed. When refanned, the painting magically re-appea...: Libros con flores:
Fore Edge Painting of Grimm’s Fairy Tales:
Fore-Edge Paintings
Fore-Edge Painting on Gauffered Edges  Picture credit David Brass Rare Books:
Fore-Edge Painting:
Fore-Edge Painting: